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We know you are time poor and that is why the Process Improvement Programs we set up and manage for your business can help your business streamline its processes for effective management. BoochiCo works with your employees to establish ways to improve the business by introducing simple yet effective methods for your business. We work with you to establish a plan of action and then use our 5-stage process to implement a solution that fits your business.

We set up and manage a Process Improvement Program for every business, from analysis through to implementation, to ensure business processes, people and technology are all aligned. The aim is to create a model that will ensure best practice long after we have gone. We do this by:

  • improving efficiency and reducing costs
  • increasing productivity
  • improving customer service
  • optimising business models/processes
  • collaborating across all stakeholders.


BoochiCo can help your business by:

  • Increasing project accountabilities across all project teams for clear responsibilities to save time when making project decisions and carrying out work.
  • Improving collaboration across project teams and throughout the company by utilising the most suitable tools/resources for your organisation.
  • Improving project success with more efficient processes to save time and money with clear scope and detailed planning to assist in improving the end results of your projects.
  • Introducing a solid, structured reporting process for clear and accurate reporting with overview on all projects across teams including inter- dependencies and management of risks and issues.


Benefits of working with us include:

  • Improved Project Management across the company potentially saving you time and money as you are better able to allocate resources to projects.
  • Cost savings by assessing the best possible collaboration tools.
  • Save on projects by using proven, effective project management techniques that educate staff on the Project Management disciplines and allow them to better deliver more projects on time and within budget.
  • Consolidated repository of information for all teams to use with one single point of truth.
  • Robust reporting/scheduling tools to simplify project management and retain a consistent approach for all staff.
  • Greater accountability and collaboration by using these tools, because information is consolidated and used effectively during reporting.


Change, Communications, Governance

We can also assist in reviewing your Change and Communications, assess Quality Management of your current projects or business processes and Conduct Health Checks. We believe in the importance of Business Process Optimisation to keep abreast of changes in business and updates in technology. We want to help you succeed by working with you to build or update your platform. After years of experience in the Corporate Sector we have learnt what works well and what doesn’t. We want to help you REINVENT YOUR BUSINESS through optimisation.


To ensure your business is performing at an Optimal Level, call us on 1300 BOO CHI (266 244) or email for a confidential discussion.


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