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Testimonial from Capture Recruitment

captureTestimonial from Capture Recruitment for Services Provided by BoochiCo

The sales team at Capture Recruitment are always on the hunt for that next valued client. Preparation through research and understanding an organisations needs is paramount for our continued growth. In October of 2013 Capture Recruitment were given an opportunity to submit a Tender for the supply of staffing, it was at this point that we as a team assessed our current proposal process and confirmed that it required modernisation. “A difficult decision considering we had a two week time frame to submit”.

Having the fortune of previously meeting Fatimah through networking events, I had no hesitation in contacting and gaining her professional opinion of how Capture Recruitment could better our proposal documentation.

Fatimah was able to listen, review and analyse our needs, together with continued communication and “understanding our time frame” committed to the preparation of a document that presented as a professional Business Proposal which looks smart, is to the point and meets both our customers request and that of Capture Recruitments business values. I look forward to our continued business relationship and have no hesitation in recommending Fatimah and BoochiCo to any prospective customer.

Yours faithfully
Tony Ebejer

Managing Director

Capture Recruitment

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